GUN GEAR APPAREL has been a trusted partner for over 15 years committed by providing innovative and feature-rich Agent gear that ensures safety and preparedness for All agents while on duty or off.

Imprinted and Embroidered Branding and Identity for Hundreds of Agencies. A Strong "Professional Identity" is something every Business needs to be concerned about! I offer Logo/Branding service to All my Customers for FREE….WHY, "I Love Creating Designs that work".

GUN GEAR APPAREL proudly provides agent gear and supplies to agencies across the country and around the world. Our ongoing commitment to producing innovative and feature-rich tactical gear has established GUN GEAR APPAREL brand as an industry leader in agent apparel and accessories.

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Don’t take a chance on second rate agent gear – we guarantee all gun gear apparel to be free of defects in workmanship or materials, so you can be secure in the knowledge that your GUN GEAR APPAREL will handle whatever the day brings.
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Gordon Holbrook