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I received my Honorable Discharge from the Military ('75). I Started Air Brushing and Lettering T-shirts, Motorcycles and Trucks. Knew there had to be a way to make passion into a profession. I went to work some Sign shops then on to Print shops, More than I can remember. With the advise of a few good friends to expand my knowledge of graphic design and to be a true professional, I needed a formal education.

Enrolled and was accepted at the University of Cincinnati in their Graphic Design program. Used my Veterans Benefits and grants. After graduation I worked for quit a few Advertising Agencies, Freelancing mostly, Good experience, But very political, and I have never been a good "Butt Kisser"! Soon went to work at the first of many garment screen print and embroidery companies. I have a wide range of garment printing skills learned along the way. The last screen print and embroidery company I worked with went out of business, Losing all the accounts I had worked Hard to acquire, (Firearms companies being my main accounts).

So Now What ?

GUN GEAR APPAREL, Established In 2003 by a Viet Nam Veteran. Over 30 years experience designing Graphics. GUN GEAR APPAREL is a Garment Graphic Company focused on PRIDE and HONOR from a Patriotic point of view. Constantly research new markets for New trends in design concepts. New Design development is the key to GUN GEAR APPAREL. GUN GEAR APPAREL will be at the forefront of new and developing design techniques. Using Only the Finest garments available,Dealing with many suppliers, I get the Best Quality Apparel. I will continue to explore and expand coverage in All areas of garment imprint designs, knowing YOU would expect nothing less!

Thank You
Gordon Holbrook/Owner

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